Your Puppy's First Year: What to Expect

Right Breed Selection Choose a dog breed that fits your lifestyle. Large or small? Energized or calm?  

Do you want an independent, watchdog, lap dog, or velcro pup that needs plenty of attention? Do dogs shed lot and train easily?  

Buy your dog from a reputable breeder after choosing it. Before adopting from a shelter, research the animal's history.  

Ensure your home is puppy-proof by hiding electrical cords and wires to prevent gnawing.   

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Close balcony and pool entrances, secure lower cabinets (particularly if they contain medicines), and keep garbage cans out of the dog's reach.  

Puppy Supplies Leash, adjustable collar or harness, ID tag, metal or ceramic feeding bowls,   

puppy food, a comfortable dog bed they can grow into, a large crate, age-appropriate puppy toys, grooming tools   

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