Your Dog May Be Hurting

Our pets can't notify us when they're sick. However, studying their body language and behavior might help us spot signals of distress in our dog.   

Here are 6 important warnings.A normally active dog who's suddenly unwilling to play fetch or walk may be in pain.   

Watch how your dog moves. Do they hobble, prefer one leg, or hesitate to sit on the couch? Red flags include stair climbing difficulty and stiff gait.  

In pain, dogs moan, whine, and yelp like people. Sometimes the indications are subtler.  

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Too much panting, groaning, or moaning can indicate discomfort. Watch for changes in your dog's behavior.   

Pain may cause a gregarious dog to withdraw or a lively dog to become aggressive.Pain often causes dogs to lose appetite.  

If your pet refuses food or treats, take it to the vet. Significant sleep pattern alterations may also be concerning. Pain can cause restlessness, discomfort, and oversleeping.  

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