You'll Never Buy These Canned Soups  

Many still feel the pain of the withdrawal, whether recent or decades ago. Canning soups began in the late 19th century when Joseph A. Campbell sold fruits, vegetables, and meats in metal tins.  

Heinz Tomato Soup With Chilli When history fails, you remember. Heinz introduced Cream of Tomato soup to the UK in 1910. Its ease of manufacture and delivery made it famous after World War II.   

In true Heinz fashion, Cream of Tomato soup varieties change frequently. In recent decades, one Britain-wide version gained popular.  

Mock Turtle Soup from Campbell Turtle soup is real, despite its Dr. Seuss-like appearance.  

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This delicacy was first eaten by travelers and navigators years ago who collected reptiles from islands and coastlines.  

The Campbell's Chicken Verde Campbell's soup is a global pantry staple recognized for its longevity.   

Around 2008, Campbell's Chicken Verde Soup stopped production. This item was popular because of the abundance of copycat recipes  

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