Wonderful Layer Cake Recipes  

Chocolate Cake from Sandy As a child, I drove for four and a half hours to get to a cake contest, sitting on my lap the whole time.  

It paid off, though. After just one bite, you'll understand why this soft, beautiful cake recipe won first place. This is Sandra Johnson from Tioga, Pennsylvania.   

Chiffon cake with coconut This tall and impressive cake looks better with toasted coconut on top of it.   

It's a lovely way to end any meal, any time of the year. It has a light texture and a delicious coconut-ginger taste.  

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Cake with Mocha This is definitely the best cake I've ever made.  

I give this rich mocha cake to everyone I know! Kate DeLoach from Visalia, California  

Vanilla cake with frosting made of vanilla buttercream Enjoy this layer cake with rich frosting on top—a dream for vanilla lovers.  

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