Why Dog Breeds Are Popular in the US  

With so many breeds, dog selection can be entertaining. Every breed has unique qualities and personalities.   

Every year, the AKC publishes a list of America's favorite dog breeds. The Dachshund rose from 9th to 6th in the latest popularity poll.  

Havanese thrive in family activities due to their gregarious and friendly temperament. They thrive in a variety of lifestyles and surroundings.  

Hypoallergenic coat and modest exercise make them acceptable for many owners. Their cheerfulness and uncanny trick-playing add to their charm.  

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Their piercing blue eyes, wolf-like look, and lively disposition make the Siberian Husky a popular breed.  

They drag sleds in cooler climates due of their stamina. Their intellect and work ethic make them great pets for active families and kids.  

The Boston Terrier, regarded as the “American Gentleman,” charms with its tuxedo fur and affable nature.   

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