what's great about having a dog  

In addition to giving us meaning and unconditional love, dogs are great for our physical and mental health.  

People love the most popular pet in the world for good reason: they are our friends, our listeners, our guards, and our exercise partners.  

Their lack of sense Your dog doesn't attack you, judge you, or look at you funny like you're too fat, too thin, or your clothes are bad.  

They help us get along with others. For example, going out with a fun friend makes everyone else want to be with them, and because they're so nice, you are too.  

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Studies show that dog owners are more likely to make friends. This is because dogs make it easier for strangers to approach you and start a chat, especially when they are puppies.  

Additionally, you might meet other dog walkers, chat with them naturally while you're out for a walk, and become a part of your neighborhood.  

Good for your health People who own dogs tend to have lower blood pressure and handle stress better than people who don't own dogs.  

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