What to Look For When Your Dog Isn't Happy

Dogs may be depressed after moving or losing a loved one. Boredom can lead to significant depression. Do not worry.  

A lack of appetite may indicate a sick pet. Some unhappy dogs console themselves with food. Whether they eat more or less can reveal their emotions.  

Watch for diet changes that could affect weight. Your pet may lose weight when depressed.  

When a dog is upset, they may disappear about the house to find comfort.   

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If this hide-and-seek game has no obvious cause, like fireworks, it may be their way of signaling, “Hey, I’m not feeling great.”  

Another sign: they may cower or shrink. It helps them cope with emotional downturns.  

Studies show that dogs sleep 12 hours a day, more than humans. If your pet starts sleeping more or has sleeplessness, they may be unhappy.   

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