Weird Foods You Can Fry in Deep Fat  

We've included 18 unusual things that can be deep-fried for a crunchy delight that will satisfy your taste senses.  

Butter Balls Fried butter balls, popular at state fairs, are produced by freezing butter, covering it in dough or batter, and frying until brown.  

They have a crispy surface and creamy center. Smithsonian Magazine says cooking butter “date all the way back to the 1600s.”  

Tarantulas Cambodians eat tempura tarantulas, which are deep-fried in a light batter.   

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This method softens spider meat, resembling soft-shell crab. Fried appetizers frequently come with dipping sauce.  

Oreos Festival favorites, deep-fried Oreos are coated in pancake or funnel cake batter and fried till golden brown.   

Deep-frying edible flowers like zucchini blossoms or orchids adds visual appeal and crisp texture to dishes.   

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