Watch These Veggies Grow From Scraps

Joe says you can produce several vegetables from waste, saving you from buying or harvesting seeds from the start!  

These old scraps may be vegetables you already like, making them good planting alternatives.   

Imagine turning kitchen scraps into a plentiful harvest without the effort of seed planting.   

Growing your own food is relaxing and sustainable, eliminating food waste and connecting with the earth! Spring onions, celery, herbs, and bell peppers all be produced from waste!  

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About Herbs? Herbs are culinary magicians, but did you know you can grow new ones from store-bought stems?  

Submerge cilantro, basil, or mint stalks in water to encourage root growth. Put them in soil-filled containers when the roots are an inch long.  

Finally, ripe bell pepper seeds can grow a spice garden. After drying on a paper towel, put them in a well-draining potting mix or,  

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