Vintage Female Luncheon Recipes  

There is no better quiche Lorraine recipe than this one. You can serve it for brunch or a lunch for women.  

Sandwich Cookies with Rosemary and Lemon Shortbread These pretty shortbread sandwich cookies are always a hit at our yearly holiday  

tea lunch for women. The unique rosemary taste goes so well with the sour lemon curd that they've been a group favorite for years!   

Crepes with asparagus In the spring, I love to serve these soft pancakes with their light lemony sauce.  

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My husband, on the other hand, would eat them all year long. He will only eat broccoli that way! You can also eat this dish for morning or lunch.   

Fruit salad with pina colada On hot summer days, this fruit mix will make your friends feel like they're in the tropics  

Chicken salad pitas for a party My famous chicken salad comes in a plastic dish cold to the party.  

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