Veterinary Warnings Against Certain Dog Breeds Due to Health Issues  

Despite increased awareness for animal welfare, experts advise future dog owners to avoid selecting breeding breeds with serious health difficulties.  

These breeds often have body features that are too big or too small, like flat heads, small bodies, or big eyes that stick out.   

These traits can cause many problems for the animals, ranging from damage to their bones and organs to a lot of stress.  

One of these breeds is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. People love how cute it is, but it has genetic health problems  

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In the same way, Norway wants to ban the English bulldog because it has a lot of health problems, including serious breathing problems that get worse when it plays.  

Boxers also have genetic flaws that make them more likely to get cancer and other major health problems, like breathing problems.  

The Basset Hound, which is known for having a sagging face and thick skin folds, is another breed that has a lot of health issues.  

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