Unique Boy Dog Names for Your Pup

We adore our pets at Country Living. Fun fact: Our office allows pets! Otis, Buck, Hank, and Charlie are among the staffers' dogs that roam daily.   

If you've arrived here, you've probably made the wonderful decision to adopt a male dog, and the next step is to think about boy dog names for the happy pup.  

Since canine names are less serious than human names, they can be playful. You don't have to worry about how the moniker will influence his presidential ambitions or job interview success.  

You want your pet to proudly wear his name when he first enters doggie day care. Some dogs struggle with names like Tater Tot.  

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Classic names are always a good choice, and we have lots of them, but if you don't want a swarm of dogs coming for you at the dog park when you call, try Whiskey instead of Max or Charlie.  

those names are classic for a reason—you decide! Like baby names, there's no proper solution as long as you pick something you love and won't mind speaking to the neighbors.  

Some experts recommend a one- or two-syllable name with crisp consonants for training.We've listed our finest male dog names in many categories to inspire you.  

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