Toy Dog Breeds That Stay Puppy-Size  

These tiny dog breeds are attractive and active and may live in apartments or small spaces.   

Chihuahua   Their joyful demeanor and petite size make chihuahuas adorable.  

They make great company for little apartment dwellers. Big personalities are brave and adore the spotlight, so careful.  

Pomeranian Pomeranians are fluffy, fox-like dogs. Active, playful little hairy balls, they make great family pets.  

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Their cuteness makes up for their thick coat, which demands a lot of care. Poms are smart and easy to teach for tricks.  

Toy Poodle Despite their elaborate haircuts, Toy Poodles are more than lovely faces.  

Very smart, easy to train, and fun-loving. Their curly coats and delicate bodies make them look young forever.   

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