Top Plant-Based Protein Sources

Lentils Smith believes this tiny bean is high in protein and other nutrients."Lentils are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and bio-nutrients."  

Their versatility as a topping, side, or main meal is impressive. "I love adding them to salads or soups, and they're also great to make homemade vegetable burgers," he says.  

Pistachios "Amino acid profile should be considered when choosing plant proteins, so I love recommending pistachios,  

as they offer 6 grams of complete plant protein per serving," Jones adds. She adds that in-shell varieties  

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with all the cracking and peeling to get to the nutty goodness—are a more attentive, satisfying snack.  

Quinoa Quinoa, a seed, is one of the best protein sources in cereals (sorry, white rice!).  

"I like to prep a big batch of quinoa ahead of the week to add to salads and make grain bowls at lunch, and to use in various dinners such as stuffed peppers," Jones adds.   

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