Top Liquored Ice Cream Drinks

The Golden Cadillac is the perfect after-dinner drink, made from equal parts Galliano, white crème de cacao, and heavy cream.   

with a sweet treat, substitute one to two scoops of vanilla ice cream with heavy cream.  

Sue Bronson, Rhinelander, WisconsinThe first Guinness sip inspired this simple treat.  

The rich, creamy foam on a newly poured drink reminded me of vanilla ice cream. I knew I had to make a Guinness float with them.  

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This warming, soothing drink is buttery smooth with nutmeg, cinnamon, rich rum, and brown sugar.  

It freezes nicely, so make it ahead. Everyone deserves a breakfast treat! I topped my mimosas with ice cream to make them fancier.  

I sometimes add chocolate. Grand Forks, North Dakota's Amy LentsLike mixers, certain liquors complement particular ice cream flavors.   

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