Top Disobedient Dog Breeds That Test Patience  

It reveals their temperaments, the causes of their difficult behaviors, and efficient training methods to build a deep understanding and mutual respect between pet and owner.  

Bullmastiff Bullmastiffs are large and protective, but their stubbornness can make obedience training difficult.  

Despite their gruff exterior, Bullmastiffs make great family dogs with calm and steady training.   

Japanese Chin Japanese Chins are loyal to their owners and tenacious, making obedience training difficult.  

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They're wary of strangers, therefore socialization should be part of their training. It takes time and persistence to overcome their resistance and reveal their affectionate and submissive nature.  

Lakeland Terrier Lakeland Terriers' activity and protective tendencies require immediate and continuous training.  

Their tendency to bark at strangers and boundless energy make obedience training difficult, requiring a firm but gentle approach.  

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