Things that every puppy owner should do  

Ten critical steps before bringing your new puppy home set the stage for a happy, healthy, and peaceful life together.   

Find Compatible Breeds   Before taking your new baby home, investigate breeds that fit your lifestyle and family.  

Some breeds are active, while others are apartment-friendly. Find a trustworthy breeder by researching and checking references.  

Puppy-Proof Your Space   Curiosity-driven puppies will explore every corner of your home.  

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3. Gather Essentials   Prepare the essentials before your new pet comes.  

These accessories will make your puppy feel at home right away. A crate, bed, food and water bowls,   

high-quality puppy food, a collar with an ID tag, a leash, a harness for larger/stronger dogs, poop bags, appropriate toys, and a first aid kit are essential.  

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