These Loyal Dog Breeds Make Great Family Friends.

Everyone says their family dog is the best, and the Drummonds are no exception.

Ree Drummond's beautiful Instagram video of her daily ranch stroll with the dogs reveals her ride-or-die dog: Lucy, Ree's Labrador puppy, walks with her in the Oklahoma sunset.

 Ree posted on Instagram, "The other dogs are several paces ahead, flopping around and running to and fro.

To end the discussion, we asked the American Kennel Club about the most loyal dog breeds.

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That suggests they're friendly yet prefer their owners. Guard and ranch dogs have a greater link with people that is passed down from generation to generation.

Despite their size, tiny dogs are devoted companions! Ree's childhood dog, the Jack Russell, also makes the list.

So whether you choose a big, medium, or little pet, consider them all lifelong friends.

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