These foods that are safely consumed while moldy  

Hard cheeses are good to eat. You can still eat hard cheeses like Asiago, Gruyere, Manchego, and cheddar.  

Cut around and under the mold spot by at least an inch with a sharp knife. Be careful not to cut the moldy area itself, as this will make the knife dirty.  

Eat: Meats that have been cured It's normal for cured foods like hard salami and dry-cured country hams to have mold on the outside.  

we often eat on our porch that goes all the way around. When our family gets together, we like to eat this salsa with chips and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  

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Grilled cheese This unique starter is always a hit at our neighborhood parties, where it's the first thing that people eat.   

The meat can be used for a charcuterie board after the mold is removed.  

Eat: Vegetables and fruits that are firm Foods that are still firm, like carrots and bell peppers, are safe to eat.  

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