These dogs are the smartest.  

Scott Gordon   Gordon Setters are a very royal breed. They come from Scotland and England and were named after a Duke.  

Although setters were originally raised to hunt, the American Kennel Club says they are now known for being reliable, having a great memory, and being very strong.  

Welsh Terrier Dog When faced with a task, Welsh Terriers are known for how well they can make decisions and hunt.  

PetPonder says that these terriers are rambunctious when they first get their new owners, but that with good teaching, they become very loyal and protective.  

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The Old English Sheep Dog Your Purebred Puppy says that Old English Sheepdogs are friendly  

affectionate pets that love being around people and need lots of care. They make great guard dogs and love it when they have to keep someone or something safe.  

A Springer Spaniel The English Springer Spaniel was first bred as a "gun dog" for shooting game in fields.   

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