There are 11 types of bulldogs that are both cute and loyal.  

We've gathered some of the cutest, loving, loyal, and kid-friendly bulldogs to help you choose the right one for your household. It can be a long and difficult process.  

American Bulldog American Bulldogs weigh 60–120 pounds and are strong. A short, fluffy coat comes in numerous hues.  

American Bulldogs are kind and friendly despite their huge heads and 20–28-inch heights. They're a "big lap dog" who adores kids, per Pet MD.  

A French Bulldog French Bulldogs (Frenchies) are popular small canines worldwide.  

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The American Kennel Club calls them bat-eared. Cute wrinkles across their short nose add to their appeal.  

The adaptability of Frenchies makes them ideal for single dog owners, couples, and families.   

English Bulldog Hill's Pet calls English Bulldogs predictable and dependable, but that doesn't express their love and loyalty.  

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