The Ultimate List of City Dogs

Which canines are best for city life? Good candidates cannot bark frequently and annoy neighbors.   

They must be comfortable in tight areas and able to walk on a leash or in a bag through congested city streets without panicking.  

Which breeds suit these needs? Dive in.Small dogs are cute and need moderate activity. Chihuahuas are so little that an apartment gives them room to run and play.  

These versatile pups need clothes in winter but otherwise only need affection and lap time. Chihuahuas are wonderful watchdogs who bark when necessary, despite their unjustified reputation for excessive barking.  

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Chihuahuas love brushing and are easy to groom at home. They're not friendly and don't like other dogs, so socialize them as puppies.  

With their bat ears, French Bulldogs are ideal city dogs, although most Bulldogs perform well in apartments.  

Frenchies, bred for cafes, bark less than other Bulldogs. They shed heavily yet have short hair.  

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