The Most Well-Known Whiskey Brands

Roe and Co. This brand is a tribute to George Roe, who made famous whiskey in the 1800s.   

Roe & Co., which came out in March 2017, is called a "non-chill filtered Irish whiskey." The 90-proof bottle gives off soft notes of pear, apple, and caramel.  

Taking out the single grain Teeling Single Grain is the way to go if you want a unique taste.  

After being distilled, this Irish whiskey is aged in Californian cabernet sauvignon casks. As a result? A strong amber drink that tastes like fruit.  

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Tyrconnell, 16 years old The Tyrconnell has been making good Irish whiskey in casks for many years.  

But this single malt might be the best thing the brand has ever made. This whiskey is made from Irish barley and is double-distilled.   

The Gold Label Reserve from Johnnie Walker You may have heard of Johnnie Walker in a song or two. Country singers who were sad picked JW because it has a smooth, refined taste.  

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