The Ideal Dogs for Elderly People 

Finding a pet that is a good fit for an older person's lifestyle can be challenging due to the wide variety of breeds available. 

Important considerations include the animal's size, activity level, and temperament.  

To make everyday care more manageable and enjoyable, ideal breeds for elderly folks tend to be low to moderate energy, easy to train, and have a soft personality.  

These canines not only cheer people up, but they also inspire them to lead active lives by playing and going for walks frequently. 

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This article takes a look at 20 different dog breeds that have a reputation for getting along well with older people, 

so you may find a companion who will bring happiness and companionship into your life as well as the dog's. 

Smart, friendly, and manageable, Shetland Sheepdogs, or "Shelties" for short, are ideal companions for active seniors. 

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