The dog breeds losing popularity, according to data  

The popularity of some purebreds has stayed the same for more than 25 years, but the appeal of other breeds has dropped quickly.  

Elkhounds from Norway   There is a breed of dog called the Norwegian elkhound that looks a lot like a wolf.   

Because of the breed's two-ply hair, potential owners should know that the dog will occasionally shed.  

Sheepdogs from Belgium To stay calm and happy, Belgian sheepdogs need to do a lot of exercise.  

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This type of dog will work very hard for its owners, but if left alone for long periods of time, it might act up.  

Briers The Briard is a hunting dog breed that comes from France and was first bred to protect farmers' flocks.  

Sussex spaniels Before the AKC was formed in 1884, the Sussex spaniel was one of the first 10 breeds to be officially recognized.   

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