The best way to reheat pizza without the oven.  

But if you want to turn your cold 'za back to its warm glory because you're nicer and have a better taste, you might not have many choices.   

When you microwave it, the top gets wet. The oven takes a long time to heat up, and I've found that this can dry out the slice.   

Then, put your slice in a hot pan. Be careful not to crowd or stack them, because that will make them mushy.  

„Let the bottom cook for about 30 seconds to a minute"—then add a few splashes of water to the side of the pan, making sure they don't touch the slice.  

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After that, cover it and let it steam for "maybe three or four minutes... until the top's nice and gooey."   

Staub, a company that makes cookware, and Chris Ancona, who used to be the head pizzaiolo at Roberta's,   

both suggest this method. Today even tried a few different ways to warm cold pizza and this one worked the best.   

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