The best affordable dog food to keep Fido healthy  

Fiber helps digestion, thus we appreciate Nature's Recipe's dry food.   

Getting a dog is costly. You must buy gear, immunizations, and food. Dog food is a long-term expense, unlike adoption or breeder fees.  

This includes budgeting for monthly PetCo visits or Chewy autoship. Based on breed, life stage, and more, the best economical dog food varies by home.  

Introducing the Expert: Certified dog nutritionist Jennifer Maitland studied at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  

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I Vetted and Picked the Best Cheap Dog Food I asked Dog Food Advisor for affordable, high-quality items after visiting our CASI-certified canine nutritionist, Jennifer Maitland.  

I then considered genuine customers' brand and formula experiences. Finally, I evaluated pricing, specifically what you might pay per pound or ounce   

Diamond Naturals claims this dry food mix works for all breeds and life stages. The kibble has 23% crude protein and pasture-raised protein.  

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