Ten of the least obedient dog breeds

Just because they're on this list of "least obedient dogs" doesn't mean they're not cute or fun to train.  

A Beagle It can be hard to get a beagle to listen to you because they were bred to follow their noses all day along to find rabbits.  

It takes imagination to teach them. They will bark or howl if they see something outside the window that looks like something they want to hunt.   

The Borzoi Borzoi were first called Russian Wolfhounds because they were bred to kill wolves.   

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These dogs like to be alone and can be just as stubborn as cats. It takes consistency and care to train them.  

The Welsh Terrier People bred Welsh Terriers to catch foxes, badgers, and rodents.  

They are very active dogs that aren't afraid to put up a fight. Because these dogs are independent, it takes time and consistency to train them to follow orders.  

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