Sweet Treats That No One Can Resist during a Bake Sale 

There are three things that must be met for baked goods to be sold.  

Above all else, they must be mouth-wateringly good, visually stunning, and easily transportable. 

The iconic snickerdoodles, the thick and squishy whoopie pies, and the absolutely delectable cupcakes are all winners here. 

If Emily of The Benson Street were to participate in a bake sale, she would bring traditional whoopie pies.  

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Her method yields the ideal combination of a rich chocolate shell that is nonetheless tender and a flawlessly light and airy white interior. 

She recommends changing their size depending on whether you're selling them solo or in a platter. 

For a quick and entertaining twist on the traditional Girl Scout cookie, try these no-bake Samoa cookies!  

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