Some Brain Games to Prevent Dog Misbehavior and Boredom  

Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Treats motivate dogs, and you can make puzzle toys from household items.   

Hold a treat in one fist and nothing in the other and ask your dog to sniff and choose the correct fist to win the bonus.  

The Outward Hound Brick Puzzle engages dogs too. This popular dog brainteaser toy has nearly 80,000 Amazon ratings.   

Kong Puzzle Toys Puzzle toys allow dogs to chew, carry, play retrieve, and collect rewards when they fall out  

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Six Kong classic sizes fit any dog size or age. Fill your Kong with the dog's favorite food or treat.   

Recordable Training Buttons The average dog learns 150 words, including instructions, hand signals, and unintended teachings.  

Viral TikTok videos show dogs "talking" back to their owners by clicking a button that plays a pre-recorded command like "treat" or "car ride."  

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