Softest Dog Breeds for Cuddling

Ever wanted a teddy bear-soft dog? Some breeds specialize at snuggling, while others are athletic or faithful.  

From gentle giants to loyal lap dogs, these extremely soft breeds make the best cuddly friends for life.  

Despite their lion-like mane, Chow Chows have a luxurious undercoat. Their double coat stays tangle-free and silky with regular brushing.  

These gentle giants have wonderful personalities and hair. Burrowing under their thick double coat on cold nights is possible year-round.  

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The fluffy Shelties have a long, flowing double coat that feels like spun silk. Expect more brushing to keep their gorgeous locks.  

These smart, active dogs have thick, double coats in various hues. Their distinctive beard is silky and lovely to brush.  

Beyond their stylish haircuts, poodles have a luxuriant hypoallergenic coat. Their standard, miniature, and toy poodle curls make charming lap pets.  

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