Smart Dogs for Agility Training

These breeds will impress you with their fast thinking and athleticism, whether you're an agility veteran or a beginner.  

Stanley Coren, a University of British Columbia canine psychology professor, has created several methods to determine the smartest dog breeds.  

In “The Intelligence of Dogs,” he develops a unique ranking system for “obedience and working intelligence,” which helps humans grasp canine cognition.  

The following smart dog breeds could be your agility partner.People say Border Collies are the smartest canines.   

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They make great working and agility dogs due to their intuition, problem-solving, and agility. It also makes them social dogs.  

Over 1,000 dogs of various kinds were tested cognitively in a Scientific Reports study.   

The Border Collie was the smartest breed according to data analysis. Poodles are smart and hypoallergenic. They solve problems and train compliance well.  

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