Small Signs That Your Dog Is Really Depressed

Dogs may be depressed after moving or losing a loved one. Boredom can lead to significant depression. Do not worry.  

Owners can take proactive efforts to give their cherished pets the attention, love, and help they need to return to their happy, energetic selves by recognizing these behavioral indicators.  

Appetite change Dog depression is sometimes indicated by a sudden appetite change.   

Depressed dogs may lose interest in food, resulting in weight loss and energy loss. Conversely, some dogs may eat more to console themselves, causing weight gain.  

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Disinterest in Activities A dog's favorite activity or toy delights them. Depression may cause your dog to stop playing, walking, or doing other things.  

Sometimes reintroducing children to these hobbies slowly or finding other methods to engage them helps.  

Sleeping More Than Usual Dogs naturally sleep a lot, but excessive slumber or lethargy can indicate depression.  

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