Simple Dog Breeds for Busy or First-Time Owners

We define low-maintenance dog breeds as easy to teach and don't need hours of weekly outside activity to burn off energy.

People who are busy or new to dog ownership may consider adopting a breed that is easier to care for and requires fewer obligations.

Most low-maintenance dog breeds demand playfulness, snuggling, and love.After middle age and retirement, some breeds become more sedentary.

Remember that elderly pets may need more medical attention.Although some breeds are deemed “low-maintenance,” there is no “no-maintenance” dog. 

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All dogs need occasional exercise, feeding, water, and waste/accident cleanup. They need regular vet visits and immunizations.

All dogs require love and attention, as neglect can cause bad behavior. Due to their energy and need for 24-hour care for the first two years, puppies are not low-maintenance canines. 

Most dogs outgrow puppyhood around two years, although some may need energy until three.Famous as “Frenchies,” these happy-go-lucky dogs are popular. 

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