Rum Cocktails Must Try

Rum, distilled from sugarcane and aged in oak and steel casks, is a global favorite.   

Rum may be made practically anywhere, although Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico make the best from locally grown sugarcane.  

Try 12 homemade rum drinks. In any season, they taste like summer.The Pina Colada goes beyond a 70s popular tune.  

Puerto Rico's national drink, a fruity, frothy cocktail, is easy to make at home with or without a mixer.  

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Not only is the Mai Tai the most famous tiki drink. A classic rum cocktail, it's easy to make and drink at home.  

Shake yourself a Jungle Bird drink at home! The sophisticated tiki drink is delicious in a jungle or an urban setting despite its basic preparation.  

The Cuba Libre cocktail elevates Rum & Coke with fresh lime juice. Discover the murky history of this popular rum cocktail and a simple Cuba Libre recipe you'll want to make again.  

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