Riskiest Dog Breeds Bites  

Pit bulls dominate dog bite research, accounting for 22.5% to 66% (ref). Pit bulls had the highest relative risk of biting and average bite damage, according to one study.  

Pit bulls caused 284 US dog bite deaths from 2005 to 2017 (ref), 66% of all dog bite deaths. Pit bulls caused 72% of maiming assaults in a 13-year data set.  

Despite its mystery, mixed breed dogs are second only to pit bulls in risk. They caused 21.2% of bites in one big research (ref) and followed pit bulls in bite severity.  

Popular German shepherds were the third most likely to bite despite their loyalty. They caused 20 deaths in a 20-year survey and 17.8% of reported bites (ref).  

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With their powerful jaws and muscular frame, rottweilers are known to bite. They were second only to pit bulls in frequency and severity, with one study finding 45 deaths over 20 years.  

One study found that terriers were second only to German shepherds in bite danger and damage severity, despite their small size.  

Dog bites can cause small scrapes to life-changing devastation. Most injuries involve punctures and lacerations, which damage muscles, tendons, and nerves. Infections are dangerous and require medications immediately.  

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