Retirement Questions Before Buying a Dog

We asked gerontology-savvy veterinarians, canine-savvy academics, and the Humane Society of the U.S. CEO for answers.  

Many of the experts' concerns relate to dog owners' personalities.Here are eight things retirees should consider before buying a dog.  

Ask, “What do I want in this relationship?” Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie, associate professor of veterinary medicine and community practice service chief at CSU in Fort Collins, explains.   

Few try to figure it out.Ruch-Gallie suggests a different animal for retirement companionship. You could prefer an older cat if you want a lap cat to read with.  

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She also recommends giving dogs enough attention, exercise, and care. She suggests guinea pigs, gerbils, and bunnies as friends that demand less attention if you can't.  

It's probably the smartest thing a retiree can do when buying a puppy to spend time with it first.   

Block recommends multiple nights, especially for puppies. “Remember, a younger dog can be a 12-year commitment.  

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