Relaxing Oven-Baked Main Dishes  

You can relax while having a home-cooked meal if you learn how to make tasty meals that almost cook themselves. Let's enjoy cooking together and not worry about it!  

Carne Asada in the Oven: Tender, flavorful beef cooked just right. This is a great choice for a stress-free dinner because you can relax while it cooks in the oven.   

Chicken pot pie is a comforting classic that has juicy chicken and veggies in a buttery crust.  

It's great for a simple dinner in the evening that doesn't require much work, and it bakes in the oven to fit with Oven Baked Main Dishes That Cook While You Relax.  

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Golumpki Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are savory cabbage rolls filled with a filling mix of meat and rice.  

They're an easy way to make a satisfying main dish that doesn't take much work, since you can just sit back and watch them bake in the oven,  

Burrito with Water It's a tasty take on a burrito, full of savory ingredients and baked just right, making it a great choice for a casual dinner at home  

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