Recipes for all kinds of comfort food  

With easy one-pot meals, creamy, cheesy pasta dishes, rich bakes, and perfect pies, these tasty recipes will make you feel better and calm your mind.  

Bacon crumpets in the style of French toast If you want to make your weekend more fun, have a fancy breakfast.   

These rich crumpets are perfect for that. They are first covered in an egg mixture that has crispy bacon bits and sliced Parmesan cheese in it.  

They are then cooked until they are soft and golden. Plus, you only need four things to make them, and it only takes five minutes.  

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An egg and artichoke bake James Martin, a TV chef, makes a hearty Spanish-style brunch dish with artichokes,  

tomatoes, peppers, eggs, paprika, onions, and garlic. The food tastes great. For a filling lunch, serve this dish with lots of toasted bread to soak up the tasty tomato juices.  

Fried egg with sweet potatoes, feta, and red onions With caramelized onions, bits of soft sweet potato, and salty feta, this recipe takes a simple omelette and makes it look fancy.  

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