Ranking the 10 Most Trustworthy Dog Breeds  

Their kindness and loyalty make us trust them with our life, and their good humor is just what we need after a long day.  

10. Belgian Malinois These alert herders are complete. They're smart, hardworking, loyal, and good at obedience training.  

9. American Eskimo These fluffy balls are perfect for families (even with tiny children)   

because they want to please. Plus, they come in conventional, small, and toy sizes to fit any lifestyle.  

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Fun fact: This breed gained popular after accompanying Barnum and Bailey Circus clowns. The first dog to walk a tightrope was an Eskie.  

8. Berner Mountain Dog The calmness of these dogs makes them "gentle giants". They're fantastic with kids but can bond with one lucky family member.  

Built for hard work, this muscular breed now prefers licking your face to climbing mountains.  

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