Quick Lunch Ideas to Improve Your Workday

We appreciate a well-packed work lunch, but it must be as exciting as your local delivery spot or restaurant or your eyes will wander.   

Truthfully, some days work feels like only lunchtime is good. Enjoy a break by walking outside or laughing with coworkers.  

wait in a long takeout line? No, we disagree. Packing leftovers or a sad sandwich is not the only option.   

You may pack a lunch for work without hurting yourself cooking it the night before or in the morning.  

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We have bowls, wraps, salads, and soups for everyone. These 55 work lunches are so quick, easy, and scrumptious you may never order in again  

One of our favorite ways to do this is to spice up our favorite foods in a manner no salad or burrito establishment would.   

Try our Philadelphia rolls (with everything bagel seasoning), Caribbean Cobb salad, or steak grain bowls (with chewy farro and chimichurri).  

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