Popular Dog Myths Disproven

Ochoa said grass makes them vomit, but other dogs eat it for other reasons.   

If you find your dog eating grass, don't worry—they may be intrigued!A Friendly Dog Has a Wagging TailWagging tails are often the best indicator of happiness.   

The Puppy Academy says it can indicate a dog is friendly, enthusiastic, and ready to play, but not always.   

Wagging Tails Mean Friendly Dogs—Debunked Wagging tails might indicate nervousness or hostility.   

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If you're not convinced a dog is friendly, check for other signals like relaxed eyes and ears, according to the Puppy Academy.  

Karen Reese, animal behavior manager at Operation Kindness, says dogs age faster than humans, but every year is not always seven for dogs.   

One Dog Year = 7 Human Years—Debunked Young dogs age rapidly, thus a six-month-old dog is mature and developed like a teenager.  

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