Pet Fears Most Common  

We compiled a list of common pet concerns, from birds afraid of broomsticks to dogs who can't handle strangers, to help you identify and help your pet overcome their fears.  

Thunder makes thunder-sensitive dogs hide in tight spaces and shiver, whine, pace, and slobber.   

Vets believe dogs react to wind, thunder, lightning, barometric pressure changes, static electricity, and low-frequency rumbles before a storm that people can't hear.  

Storm-phobic dogs might develop or have them their whole lives. No worries—there are ways to help them through thunderstorms! Have a thunderstorm-safe area for them.  

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It could be their box, a snug bathroom corner, or a cellar place. A tight sweater can also calm your thunder-fearing dog.   

Thunder-phobic pets have various options. A baby feels safe and secure in it like a swaddling blanket.   

As with thunder, fireworks can make dogs quiver, shake, hide, seek comfort, urinate, and salivate. Fear often leads to furniture or other property destruction.   

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