One food to try in every state

Every U.S. state has a legendary dish that people have perfected and tourists seek for. A lobster roll in Maine and a Chicago deep-dish pizza in the Midwest are must-eats.  

Unfortunately, most states have a variety of famous meals, creating constant debate and dispute.  

Perhaps New York's most famous meal is the bagel, especially one slathered with cream cheese and lox, but what about thin-crust pizza, spicy buffalo wings, and fiery Manhattan clam chowder .

Maryland crab cakes are popular, although steamed blue crabs, she-crab soup, and fried soft-shell crabs are also good.   

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Shrimp and grits, chocolaty mud pie, and crispy, meaty fried catfish are all famous in Mississippi.  

Alabama's almonds, Georgia's peaches, Wisconsin's cheese, and Wyoming's hunting culture and cattle sector provide nut-laden cake, fruit cobbler, fresh curds, and elk and beef jerky.  

Alaska's king crab, Maine's lobster rolls, and Florida's Key lime pie travel, especially today.   

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