Old-Fashioned Pickles That Only Grandma Could Prepare 

It is wonderful to share with my loved ones the thick, chunky apricot jam that my grandma cooked for them. 

New donut tastes are appearing worldwide, bringing one-of-a-kind, daring, and elevated combinations to the once-simple treat. 

The pickled green beans I make with this recipe are full of flavor and will keep my vegetables fresh for months (assuming they last that long).  

Using cayenne pepper, I increase the heat slightly. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Maria McClellan. 

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These pickled beets are sure to be a hit with any member of your household because to their delicious blend of sweet, acidic, and spicy flavors. 

Another wonderful present idea is a jar of colorful beets. 

These pickles, which I cooked when I was a kid and which go well with so many different foods, are my favorite. 

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