Oh, So Quiet: Dog Breeds That Extremely Quiet  

For apartment dwellers or quiet lovers, the following dog breeds may be right for you.   

Japanese Chin “Cat-like” describes the Japanese Chin. Though careful and alert, they rarely bark.   

This quiet dog values your silence. Chins are ideal apartment dogs and family pets, but they do best with older kids.   

Bulldog Bulldogs are brachycephalic, so they may not be silent. They snore like humans, yet they bark quietly.   

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The Irish Setter Irish Setters are less loud than other hunting dogs while being developed for hunting.   

Pug Pugs “snarf,” snore, and breathe excessively like bulldogs, but they don't bark.  

Unlike other breeds, pugs rarely bark. Barking sounds more like yip or yodel.   

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