Nice-Behaving Dog Breeds

There's more to consider than cuteness when choosing a pet. You should also consider the breed's behavior! After all, your dog will live with you for years.   

Discover 17 dog breeds known for their good demeanor.Massachusetts-bred Boston Terriers are affable, active, and stable.   

Its short, smooth coat and simple upkeep make it excellent for companion dogs. This dog fits along with families well! Many people assume Bull Terriers are misbehaved due to their "menacing .

appearance, however these dogs are loving and smart, making them great family pets! The powerful British breed adapts to varied living circumstances and enjoys companionship.  

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly, affectionate dogs descended from English monarchy.   

They like family time indoors and exploring and playing. Wag says they're healthy, happy, and gentle and train well.  

Collie dogs were originally bred to herd sheep in Scotland. Soft, affectionate, and responsive to positive reinforcement, these lovely, fluffy puppies are well-behaved.   

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