My Friends Request a No-Bake “Lemon Fluff” Dessert Every Spring  

A buttery graham cracker crumb crust holds a fluffy mixture of fresh lemon, lemon-flavored gelatin, and creamy whipped topping.   

Why You'll Love It The zesty coating melts like a fluffy citrus cloud in your mouth.   

So easy to make! You can create these lemon fluff bars without an oven if you can stir and buy smart grocery store items.   

Key Lemon Fluff Bar Ingredients Lemon: For citrus flavor, squeeze fresh lemon juice (my fave citrus juicer) into the filling.   

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Mix lemon gelatin dessert: Lemon powdered gelatin offers the filling structure and puckery punch, allowing you to slice this dessert into squares.  

The magic component that converts lemony gelatin into fluffy fluff is frozen whipped topping.   

Homemade whipped cream can replace store-bought topping. Graham crackers: These cloud-like bars are excellent with a no-bake graham cracker crumb crust.   

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