Most Searched Kentucky Derby Recipe in South

Planning a Derby party? A good meal and a variety of fascinators are needed to feed everyone.   

We have many Derby recipes, from Mini Hot Browns to Mint Juleps, but one is especially popular. Sweet and chocolaty with a hint of bourbon.  

You'll understand why our Kentucky Bourbon Pie is our most popular Kentucky Derby recipe after trying a slice.You're right.  

The Kern family invented Derby-Pie® in 1954 at the Melrose Inn near Louisville. Trademarked was the popular recipe's name.   

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Bon Appetit magazine was sued for exploiting the name! Although influenced by the old recipe, our recipe has a different name and formula to make it our own.  

Pecans instead of walnuts may offend traditionalists, but this is our Southern twist on the classic.  

But with bourbon and chocolate, this pie tastes richer than a pecan pie. Though it has a sticky sweet filling and a lot of pecans, it's not the same delight.   

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