most popular U.S. cocktails

You may not realize it, but Americans used to dislike drinks. Almost any city or town would not have cocktail bars.  

A fancy hotel bar or a local bartender who could prepare a whiskey sour were your best options.   

This altered during the early 2000s cocktail renaissance. More bartenders and drinkers were thrilled to find old beverages and revive ones they took for granted.  

Bartenders are becoming celebrity chefs, and cocktail bars are popping up everywhere from Bakersfield to Baton Rouge.   

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In this mixed-drink-saturated nation, what drinks do drinkers prefer? With NielsenIQ, you can.  

NielsenIQ does more than count how many people watch your favorite show or the Super Bowl.   

They handle several data kinds.NielsenIQ first tracked cocktails in 2015. Since then, the most popular U.S. drink shouldn't surprise you.  

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